Teen survives head-on collision; father searching for driver who reportedly caused crash

A father is making an emotional plea to find a driver who ran a stop sign, causing his daughter to run into a tow truck head-on. 

The father, Andrew Zawicki, says when the driver ran the stop sign, it forced his daughter to swerve out of the way. When she did that, she collided with the tow truck.

She was supposed to play in a basketball game in front of college coaches Wednesday night, but now her dreams have been put on hold because of this crash.

“To look at the vehicle and to realize she just walked out of that car is amazing,” Zawicki said. 

He went back to the scene of the crash Wednesday afternoon. He says his daughter, Christie, was driving north on Waxhaw Indian Trail Rd. when the other driver reportedly blew the stop sign, causing her to enter the lane of oncoming traffic. 

“They collided. The front passenger side of her car hit the tow truck and she bounced back 130 feet the officer told me. The driver of the vehicle did not stop,” 

Tire marks show where both vehicles came to a rest. The driver that cut her off. Zawicki says thankfully, his daughter went to the hospital and had no major injuries.

“She has lacerations around her waist from the seatbelt and she's in a lot of pain. For her the biggest pain is she is not playing basketball tonight.” 

The crash happened on Tuesday when she was on her way to basketball practice at Arborbrook Christian Academy. She was just a half mile from the school.

Now her father says he doesn't have a timetable for when she'll be back at full strength. He's pleading with the driver who caused the accident to come forward. 

“There is forgiveness. I don’t have anything in my heart against that person. I just want you to take responsibility for your actions and hey man up and say ‘I was wrong.’”

Zawicki added that this isn't just any car. Christie saved up her own money to buy the 2015 Mitisbushi Outlander this August.