Teen suspected in 7-Eleven armed robbery, released from jail after 2 hours, appears in court

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Armed robbery suspect Brenna Harris appears in court on Friday. 

A 17-year-old accused in the armed robbery of a 7-Eleven appeared in court today, released from jail after just two hours behind bars. 

Court records show he's been given several chances by judges and the District Attorney's office to clean up his act, but it was clear on Friday that he has not.  

Magistrate Judge James Parker allowed Harris, who has racked up multiple charges including robbery with a dangerous weapon, to leave jail shortly after he was taken into custody. 

His arrest came not long after he had fled the scene of an armed robbery, shot by a customer Harris and the other suspect, 16-year-old Qwanterrius Stafford, had threatened. Stafford was also shot, and later died at the hospital. 

The fact that Harris is out of jail was unbelievable to District Court Judge Matt Osman.

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"I'm surprised you're out of custody," he said to Harris while in court. 

Warrants show Harris ran home to his mom early Thursday morning after police say he was shot in the arm by the customer at the gas station on Brookshire Boulevard. 

Investigators say Harris and Stafford had stuck a gun in the customer's face and took his wallet. The customer, who had a legal gun himself, fired shots after the suspects went after the store clerk. 

On Friday after court…the woman who was with Harris blocked another TV station's camera with her hand, then Harris tries to hit our camera, but the woman pulls his hand back. He then smacks the camera. 

Harris and Stafford were both arrested last month for driving around in a stolen car. The District Attorney's Office dismissed their charges because according to records, they couldn't prove who was driving the car. 

Records also show Harris has been on electronic monitoring in the past, and he wrapped his ankle monitor in tin foil and let the batteries die. 

A court spokesperson tells FOX 46 the judge who let Harris out of jail has no comment.