Teen Tanning Bed Law Could Pass

A proposed state law is expected to hit the full House within a week, hoping to ban the use of tanning beds by teenagers under the age of 18. Anne Bowman is a skin cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with Melanoma at age 32, after a doctor found a mole on her back during a routine skin check. Bowman said, "I unfortunately used the tanning bed like 15 times when I was a teenager."

The law was stalled in the Senate last year, but is back in action now. Bowman said, "We know they cause cancer, we know that they kill." Bowman said the short term benefits of tanned skin does not outweigh the potentially deadly long term effects.

Bowman said, "We know they are deadly, we know thousands are going everyday, putting their life at risk, and its our job as adults, and legislators to protect them."