Teens accused in graduation party murder appear in court

More than a dozen people were in a Mecklenburg County courtroom on Thursday for two teens, both accused of murder. 

19-year-old Marcus Joubert and 16-year-old Michael Sio-Somah appeared in court both wearing handcuffs. 

They're accused of murdering 24-year-old Calvin Haines earlier this month. Police say Haines was shot and killed on June 12 at a graduation party in an apartment complex at Sixth and Graham Streets in uptown. Three others were also injured in the shooting.

"There was an exchange of words between two individuals it got heated. Witnesses observed one of them remove a firearm and start to shoot. Other witnesses then stated that there was another individual on scene that started to shoot as well."

In court, the suspects were called one at a time but the judge told both of them they would be placed on ankle monitors once they are assessed a bond amount. 

That decision comes more than 24 hours after CMPD Chief Kerr Putney called ankle monitors an issue.

"What I want is that to be a last resort meaning, if you've committed violence, if you've tried to kill somebody electronic monitoring (E.M.) should not even be an option. You should not be on the streets so you can kill again," he said. 

Putney says judges need to be held accountable when violent suspects they ordered to wear ankle monitors commit more crimes.

"I’m tired of the violence I want equal accountability and I don't see that, that exists right now."

Family and friends of the suspects broke down in tears as the suspects were led out of the courtroom and declined to speak on camera. 

Both suspects are due back in court next month, and FOX 46 has learned that Putney plans to meet with Chief Administrative Court Judge Reagan Miller to discuss the electronic monitoring program next week.