Tega Cay Elementary school teacher wins "Teacher of the Year"

FOX 46 Charlotte recognizes the outstanding teachers in our community getting results in the classroom.

This week, we meet a teacher who devotes her life to making sure she's always putting her students first. Mrs. Ann Lamba gets her kids excited about math.

"She's just a difference maker," said Tega Cay Elementary Principal Chris Gardner. "She makes an impact on her students every day. She loves the kids and has a passion for teaching and is a great teammate to everyone here."

Mrs. Lamba has been teaching for 28 years.

"She really makes her students feel like they're important," said 5th Grade Student Carly Vollmer. "She makes them feel like they can do it and really believes in her students."

"She makes everything understandable for everyone," said 5th Grade Student Jayden Spurgeon.

Her passion for her profession recently earned her "Teacher of the Year" at Tega Cay Elementary. She was nominated by her peers, and won.

"I just love what I do every day," Lamba said. "I think it's such an honor to be nominated. It's fantastic-- I love what I do."

Mrs. Lamba works around the clock to make sure she's always readily available for her students.

"I wake up at 3 a.m. and think of the things I need to be doing," she said. "Or which child needs this or that." "I like how she's always putting her students first," said Vollmer. "And making sure they really understand it-- that's why she's one of my favorite teachers."

"If you don't understand something, you can come in early and go to her room." Said Spurgeon. "And she will do a review with all the fifth graders."

All this while giving students the confidence they need to succeed.

"She believes every child can succeed and reach their potential," said Gardner. "And believing that is evident in watching her work with the kids."

"Every kid should walk out of the classroom and feel successful," said Lamba. "If they walk out and feel that way-- I've done my job that day."