Tega Cay fallen officer memorial removed after 'Lord' controversy

The City of Tega Cay has removed a memorial for fallen police officers after their inclusion of, then removal of the word "lord," caused significant controversy. 

"We have received many comments, both locally and nationally, in response to the monument at the Tega Cay Police Station," the city said in a statement posted Facebook. "We attempted to find a compromise but failed as our community has further divided."

The city apologized, saying they've upset people on both sides of the argument, and for that reason decided to remove the monument all together. 

The project was meant to recognize current and fallen police officers in the city, but became a point of contention after the city received several complaints about the word "lord" seen on the monument. 

LINK: More modifications made to Tega Cay officer memorial, petition started by residents

“Hopefully folks understand why it was there. Hopefully folks understand why it has been removed. The text,” said Tega Cay City Manager, Charlier Funderburk.

Following the complaints, they decided to remove the words, but this only garnered more reactions from neighbors, with the story eventually making its way to the national stage

"At this time, we have removed the monument while we continue to seek a solution that expresses our unwavering support and gratitude to those who risk their lives every day for ours," they said.

City officials thanked the first responders who the memorial was meant to honor in the first place, and said they are continuing to search for a solution regarding the monument. 

"Regardless of our different viewpoints, our people are the greatest assets of our community and what truly make this City such a wonderful place to live the good life in Tega Cay."