Telegram chat app boots more ISIS channels

The shadowy social media platform favored by Islamic State for its confidentiality may have kicked the terrorist army off briefly after Friday’s attacks in Paris, but the jihadist group was back on Telegram with a vengeance.

Telegram announced the removal of 78 ISIS-related channels Wednesday.

However, just minutes after Telegram began pulling offline the 78 ISIS affiliated accounts that readers alerted the social network to, ISIS messaged its 16,000 channel viewers announcing a backup channel to its main channel, Nasher. Soon after, ISIS replaced the 78 public channels removed by Telegram by more than double that number.

“Even though some of the Islamic State channels were taken off Telegram, they were quickly able to reorganize and launch new channels,” said Veryan Khan, editorial director for The Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium. “Within 5 minutes, the Islamic State was back on line.”

A member of the Islamic State group messaged its followers to spread the new main channel link and to “please be patient” as they uploaded the content, which showed their warriors beheading, shooting, blowing up, drowning and burning alive their enemies. They also warned their followers to be cautious because the network may no longer be safe for them to use.

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