Temperatures plummet overnight into Wednesday morning

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Temperatures are inching close to the freezing mark across the greater Charlotte area, but in some cases, you wouldn't know it from the people who were wearing shorts. ON the other hand, our camers caught some bundled up in three layers.

Jim and Debbie Healy were headed to the Cher concert Tuesday night. For him, the freezing cold weather was nothing.

“I grew up in the mountains of upstate New York, so this is swimming weather,” Jim said. 

Unfortunately for his wife, it’s a different story. 

“I’m from Florida,” Debbie told FOX 46. 

The big worry for many we talked with is what’s on the ground. With overnight temperatures dipping into the 20s, icing-- particularly on the roads-- could make for a bad morning.

“I think the thing to do is take the back roads and go slow, because the highway could be dangerous,” Jim said. 

It even has some thinking about wanting to stay in. 

“I’m hoping most people decide to work from home tomorrow, ‘hint hint,’” Angela Genaro-Ruilova said.

Up in Blowing Rock temperatures are dropping and the wind is picking, but much like Charlotte, wardrobe choices varied greatly. 

Leftover snow is dusting the grass, and some roads remain icy, FOX 46 still found two locals dressed very differently-- both ready for the flash freeze.

"I’m a local. I should be used to this right now, but I’m not,” Lynn Cash said. 

Lynn has lived in Blowing Rock her entire life, so when she comes in the market in 15° weather, she comes prepared. 

“I grabbed my hat that my granddaughter made and then I put on my coat and imp still in my pajamas," she said. 

Kyle Robinet dresses a little differently, sporting a short sleeved t-shirt in the snow

"If I’m not feeling well, then I bundle up,” Kyle said. "Just so my mom knows I have a jacket if I need it." 

Flurries fell Thursday in the mountain counties, and are still being picked up in the blustering wind. 

“I get up every morning and drive in it, but there is something about it that it just gets to my bones," Lynn said.

Winter weather may be good for business, but wind chill and threat of black ice can sweep the streets clear. 

“Ice is the enemy! Snow can help out because people are going to the slopes,” said Robinet. “[I’m] always rooting for snow. I hate freezing rain and I hate ice."  

A wind chill advisory is set for Blowing Rock now through Thursday. The worst danger, however, is wet roads and puddles, all of which could freeze overnight.