Tenant frustrated with mold found in University Center apartment

A man says he discovered mold in his apartment right after he moved in, and FOX 46 reached out to the complex to find out why they issue hasn't been dealt with. 

Matthew McGee and his girlfriend had sent us pictures of what he describes as a moldy situation in his second-floor unit at the University Center Apartments.

"This initially, two months ago. It started a while for me to take any action, but in the last five to six weeks, I've gotten a chance to see how bad it really was out there," Matthew McGee said.

The worst of it was in a utility closet off his patio. McGee showed us pictures of what it looked like before he says it was scraped, painted over, and cleaned up.

"It was like a bomb or grenade went off," he said. 


McGee says that mold had seeped over onto the opposite side, which is his living room.

"It was a nasty, musty, stagnant water type of smell." 

FOX 46 spoke with an expert who says this is mold, and that had us asking questions on what you need to know if you have a problem with it at a place you're leasing out or are renting.

The North Carolina State Bar says for those that own the property they are required by state law to maintain a habitable premises. For those renting, they have the option to sue if the landlord doesn't do anything to fix it. Experts also say that painting over the issue doesn't fix the problem.

For McGee, he says his lease is coming up for renewal.

"There's no way I'm signing anything until this is fixed,' he said. 

And the legal options don't matter to him, he just wants that mold gone.
"I just want them to restore my living situation. I don't have anywhere else where I can really go." 

FOX 46 reached out tonight to University Center Apartments for a statement on what's being done to help McGee out with his mold issue.

They issued a statement to FOX 46 saying, "We take any and all reports of organic growth in our homes very seriously and have a rigorous process in place to treat organic growth. We've been working diligently to resolve this particular issue since it was reported to us, and we will continue to do so until the problem is resolved."