Tensions grow after NC Republicans veto state budget proposal in absence of Democrats

North Carolina lawmakers are frustrated right now: Democrats continue to blame Republicans for lying to them and holding a vote to veto the governor's budget. Republicans are saying what they did was completely legal and within procedure.

Democrats are saying Republicans took advantage of their other meetings and even a 9/11 ceremony to bring the veto vote to the floor before anyone realized.

"How dare you do this to democracy in North Carolina, Mr. Speaker!  How dare you, Mr. Speaker," said State Representative Deb Butler. 

Emotions ran high with House Democrats saying Republicans trying to override the governor's veto of the state budget. House minority leader Darren Jackson said Republican leaders told him one thing and did another.

“I asked him should we plan to be here at 8:30 for votes. He informed me no,” Jackson said. 

With so few Democrats in the chamber, House Speaker Tim Moore, who also represents Cleveland County, brought up a vote and he disputes what the Democrats are saying.

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Moore said he would take the opportunity to get the veto overturned when it presented itself, and it did.

“Today we had that opportunity to do so, and we took a vote on it,” Moore said. 

The veto override now goes to the state Senate. Mecklenburg County State Senator Jeff Jackson says they will put it to a stop.

“Our vigilance is now through the roof.  We now have to be on guard for every single moment,” said Jackson. 

The budget was vetoed by Governor Cooper in the first place for a variety of reasons. He wanted a better deal on teacher pay and a Medicaid expansion and slammed what happened in the House. 
“Today, Republicans pulled their most deceptive stunt yet,” Governor Cooper said.

There is widespread criticism tonight from various groups, but Republicans are standing by their decision.

Moore wrote on Twitter tonight that he made it clear there would be votes this morning, and says Democrats were more concerned with drawing congressional maps than the budget.

Another Republican-leaning group sent out a statement Wednesday, too, accusing democrats of using similar tactics when they had both houses in Raleigh.