Tensions rise after Confederate monument vandalized in Salisbury

A Confederate monument is at the center of controversy in Salisbury after it was vandalized.    

The "Fame" monument sits in the middle of downtown Salisbury and special meeting has been called for residents to share their thoughts on it. 

"The Civil War happened we are now on the other side of that, we have inherited the residual from that and it depends on what we want to do with that and I hope we do something productive and positive,” Mayor Al Heggins said. 

The monument has been vandalized twice in the last year and Heggins says city leaders want to hear from the public to dispel tensions surrounding the idea of the monument being relocated.

"We want to make sure we clear up any misunderstandings around what the law is saying also the ownership of the park land,” she said. 

The city attorney says leaders are strictly limited in their authority to move the monument because of a state law and rights granted by the city to The United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1908 giving them rights to use the median. 

"It's not a representation of everybody's feelings of that time period. I don't think they’re all stuck in that time period,” one Salisbury neighbor said. 

The meeting has been moved to the Civic Center to accommodate the large number of people expected to speak out. 

"It's history it needs to stay where it's at,” another told FOX 46.

"Good bad or indifferent people died and they're people's sons and daughters and everything else and that's the honor I see in that,” another said.