Terrorist concerns spark Cornelius meeting

Dozens of concerned people in Cornelius met to discuss homegrown terrorism threats on Wednesday evening.

Ross Bulla with the Treadstone Group was the guest speaker. Bulla's knowledge of terrorists threats has allowed him to work security jobs for U.S. Presidents and the Democratic National Convention. Bulla mitigates risks and threats for corporations and law firms, too.

Bulla says, although ISIS and Islamic radical groups pose the greatest terrorist risk internationally, it is homegrown terrorists that are the biggest risk to people in Cornelius -- and the U.S.

Homegrown terrorists, he says, are people like Dylann Roof -- the alleged shooter in the Charleston Massacre.

Bulla says there are currently 900 people being investigated across the U.S. for homegrown terrorism -- and the largest percentage is in North Carolina.

Cornelius' Chief of Police and other local officials were also in attendance.