The City of Charlotte keeping ACC Championship fans safe

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While you were having fun tailgating for the ACC Championships, First Responders were making sure you enjoyed your time safely.

CMPD, Charlotte Fire and MEDIC has been planning for this event for more than three months. Adapting their plan, learning from recent tragedies. One is putting barriers to prevent cars from barreling down the road and hitting pedestrians. Hoping those barriers full with water can stop the vehicle.  

MEDIC also finding ways to maneuver ambulances through crowds to get to people that need to be treated quickly.

"we utilize UTV’s to respond into the crowds. [They are] smaller vehicles that can get in and get to patients, assess them. If they need assessment to definitive care, then we bring those patients out somewhere where the crowd to an open street," MEDIC Operations Manager Michael Stanford said. 

Medic and Charlotte Fire also check around the tailgating areas to make sure people are using gas grills safely.

"Be careful! We don't want you to get burned. We don't want to have to deal with you as a patient later," Stanford said. 

Fans will never see all the behind the scenes work but one thing both Clemson and University of Miami fans can agree on is they feel confident the city is keeping them safe.

"I went out last night and there were police officer and fire officers around who were telling me where they were going to be for the whole night just if you need help," Clemson fan Quinnlan Sweeny said.

"We did not have any doubt coming up here that it was going to be a better environment than some other places we could've been at. I think that the medics are going to be able to handle that come up great and again Charlotte, the Queen City, is the best place to have this event and I think they are going to be prepared," Miami fan Consuela Morris said.