The Great Love Debate: Charlotteans attend dating show

What if your Bumble profile was read out loud to a room full of people and then critiqued?

That's just one of a few things people signed up for when they got tickets to a show called "The Great Love Debate."

We all know that dating isn’t always pretty.

 “It's just a cycle of like: Who are you? What's your name?” said panelist Laura Lanier.  

That's why Brian Howie started what's called the great love debate. He also hosts the event. 

It's a book tour turned event, and tonight was his 300th show. Married, dating or single -- this crowd was here to get out, meet people and have fun doing it.

“It's something that sort of resonates and we created an environment that's open and honest and fun so people aren’t afraid to share their thoughts and their experiences,” said Howie. 

And also share their best Bumble moves.

“What do you say when somebody swipes on you?” Howie asked one attendee. 

“’Hi how are you?’” she responded. 

“That's no good. That's boring,” he says. 

If you think you're safe in this crowd, you're so wrong. He's grabbed peoples' phones and read their Bumble profile. So what’s the point of all of this?
“We all fall in that rut where we're with the same group of friends or whether it's work or locations we go to, just do one thing different during the week,” Howie said. 

Howie -- who is also single -- doesn't pretend to be the expert. He says the audience normally comes up with the solutions, but if he can provide the avenue, he's at least given these people one thing -- and that's hope.