The internet rejoices! Apple adds cream cheese to bagel emoji

Image: Apple/Emojipedia 

In an effort to please bagel fans around the world, Apple has changed its bagel emoji to now include cream cheese. The emoji also now has a doughier consistency. 

New food items on Apple were first announced in February. Folks took to social media to voice their strong opinions on the bagel - pointing out its awkward position and lack of condiment. 

All of the complaining must have worked because on Thursday, Emojipedia reported that Apple had changed the bagel emoji with the release of iOS 12.1 beta 4.

Here’s the side-by-side-comparison:

The new emoji now has cream cheese and an incredibly realistic look. So far, the response from emoji users has been positive. 

This "bagel backlash" is easily the biggest food emoji controversy since Google introduced the hamburger with the cheese on the bottom of the burger last fall.