The Lord is back in Tega Cay: Fallen Officers' Memorial to be fully restored

After much controversy, Tega Cay City Council has decided to restore their Fallen Officers' Memorial at their new police station to its original condition. 

The word 'Lord' had been scrubbed from the monument and was completely removed on Tuesday. 

The project was meant to recognize current and fallen police officers in the city, but became a point of contention after the city received several complaints about the word "Lord" seen on the monument. 

"After careful consideration and much conversation with people on both sides of the discussion, City Council has made the decision that the Police Officer's Prayer will be restored to its original condition and returned to the Fallen Officers’ Memorial located at the new police station," Tega Cay officials announced on Friday. "We want to thank everyone for voicing your opinion, as it’s not always easy to do so on such a sensitive subject."

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According to Tega Cay officials, none of what has transpired was an attack on their Police Department or anyone’s faith.

"Our City Council and citizens have always been strong supporters of the men and women in blue. We’d like to thank Mr. Dunn and the others who spoke before Council. The respectful exchange of ideas and opinions is truly what makes local government extraordinary. 

This was a tough week in Tega Cay. It is our hope that we can now move forward together and continue to be the strong, welcoming community that we have always been known for.  Regardless of our different viewpoints, our people are what truly makes this City such a wonderful place."