The next iPhone might be missing a headphone jack

If you're already excited for the iPhone 7, set for release next year, there are rumors about a key feature it will be missing. And for some, this may be a deal breaker.

Apple is no stranger when it comes to killing off hardware as it releases new products. It's one reason why the company is often considered the leader when it comes to setting new tech trends. It did this in the late '90s when the iMac ditched the floppy drive. Then again in 2012, when it killed off the 30-pin connector in lieu of the new Lightning connector.

Back in October, we told you about Apple's plans to remove the Home button from its interface, opting to use the 3-D touch screen instead. Now, rumors report it's the headphone jack that's on the chopping block for the next iPhone. Consumers are already turning their heads and imagining what this means for the future of their streaming activities.

If you're an Apple fan who is planning to buy a pair of new headphones for Christmas, you might want to hold off. At least if you think you'll be upgrading to the new iPhone next fall. If the rumor is true, Apple will be moving to headphones that draw power from the phone through a Lightning audio connector. Essentially, using the same port that you use to charge your phone.

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