The one word my daughter whispered to me that caught me by surprise

Joshua Rogers and his daughter. (Courtesy of the author)

When my youngest daughter was three, she was a handful and was known to do things like compulsively lie; randomly go up to her sister and punch her in the face; and rip up books, toys and other valuables just for fun. It required us to do a lot of correcting.  

I used to worry that she would think she’s our problem child simply because we had to correct her so much. That’s why I was so encouraged one day a few years ago when I was lying next to her at bedtime and asked her how she felt.

“Cherished,” she said with a smile.

I thought I must have misheard her -- I mean, she was three years old. I had never heard her use the word “cherished” before, so again, I asked her how she felt.

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