Therapy dogs, yoga and guided meditation offered to UNCC students

UNC Charlotte students had the chance to visit with therapy dogs and puppies on Thursday as they try to heal from the tragedy that took place on their campus just days ago. 

“It’s kind of a surreal thing because you never expect to get that text that says ‘Run. Hide. Fight,” 

Students are still shaken after six people were shot on the campus they call home.

“There’s definitely a different feeling to campus right now and that will take some time,” green shirt

Two days after the deadly shooting, the University brought therapy dogs to the campus hoping to give students a chance to release stress and relax.

“It’s very helpful and a big distractor to come to a safe place and be with some cute puppies. It’s really helpful student Megan Bright said.

The four legged friends with fluffy faces helped many students forget--even if it was just for a few seconds--the trauma from Tuesday. 
“It means a lot. It’s exciting to come out as a group with friends and de-stress and not think about everything else going on,” said Abigail Doerrmann. 

Maggie Johnson, a UNCC nursing student-led the effort-and organized the stress-free event.

“Getting that love, that kiss from a dog, and being able to pet a dog giving you all its love and attention can really help,” Johnson said. 

Around 10 to 15 therapy dogs were at Kirk Field, ready and waiting to be petted and played with.

“A lot of us don’t have pets so it’s always fun to have the opportunity to have a good time and relax and de-stress after the days we’ve had,” Leysha Caraballo told FOX 46. “Just definitely helps you de-stress and have your mind on something else for a little while.” 

The event also featured yoga and guided meditation. Food was also provided.

“I think it’s important. I appreciate the fact they’re taking a stand on our mental health,” said Bright.

“We're just really thankful we get the chance to take a second and breathe after all that’s happened,” Caraballo said. 

Laughter and smiles surrounded the dogs serving as distractions- even if just for a few moments.