'There's a shooter on UNC Charlotte's campus': Police release 48 emergency calls made Tuesday

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released 48 emergency phone calls that were received following the horrific deadly shooting on UNC Charlotte's campus on Tuesday.

Thirty-two of the 48 calls were received within 16 minutes, police said. 

CMPD tells FOX 46 Charlotte the 911 calls are public record and because they've been requested by multiple local media outlets they must be released according to North Carolina law. 

911: Charlotte 911 Do you need police, fire or medic? 

Caller: I need police, I was in Kennedy. 

911: What's the address? 

Caller: Kennedy Hall. UNC Charlotte. There was someone shooting.

911: OK. Where are they?

Caller: Last time I saw them, they were in Kennedy Hall.

All 32 911 calls have been edited to protect the identity of the caller, whish is also a requirement under the state law. Identifying informaiton, such as names, addresses and phone numbers, have been removed, police said. The voice of the 911 caller has also been altered, police said. 

Warning: Some of the following audio files may be disturbing to some listeners. Discretion is advised.