Thieves caught on camera breaking into Harrisburg restaurant

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Exclusive surveillance video from a Harrisburg restaurant shows suspects breaking and entering. 

Police say the suspects used a rock to break the glass and get inside of Pub49 Pizzeria early Thursday morning. 

Video shows one of the suspects go into the manager’s office at the restaurant and try to grab the safe, but it's bolted to the floor, so instead, he runs off with the lockbox that only has $20 in it. 

“It's more a vandalism thing kind of idiotic in my opinion,” Tim Arnette said. 

Arnette's business also got hit around the same time early Thursday morning. Again, the suspects smashed in the window. This time they tried to get into the register, but all they got away with was a bottle of Jack Daniel's. 

At La Unica, the same thing happened again-- thieves broke in through the door and only got away with $3 from the Candy Container. 

Arnette is hoping someone recognizes them from this video and they get caught.