Thieves caught on camera robbing northwest Charlotte home

A northwest Charlotte woman wants to find the people she caught on her home surveillance breaking into her home.

Homeowner Sierra says she feels violated, and also tells FOX 46 this has been happening far too many times in her neighborhood.

The break-in took place in broad daylight. Sierra got the alert on her phone in middle of getting her nails done.

“I instantly went to my camera app. I just left up in the nail salon. I didn't pay them or anything. I didn’t think about that. [I] put my car in sports mode to try and get there as fast as possible,” she said. 

Looking at the video of someone breaking into her home disgusts Sierra. She says this is second time in the two months that she's been robbed.

"How would they feel if they got to get up to a nine to five job every single day and just come that they never worked for?” 

It’s not just Sierra getting hit in the neighborhood. She says at least five other families have had their homes or cars busted into.

These kids are reckless they're doing this in broad daylight. They don't care they're using people's bathrooms while they're in the home. They're coming in people's homes while they're kids in this home. They just have no remorse."

And Sierra has a message for these crooks.

“This has to stop it really does. It is ridiculous and someone is going to get hurt.”

Sierra says police were on the scene quickly, but the bad guys got away with several expensive electronics. If you know who they are, call Charlotte Crimestoppers at 704-344-1600.