Thieves slam stolen Mercedes through gun shop in Concord, NC

The search is on for some brazen thieves who police say slammed into a Concord, NC gun shop with a stolen car before making off with some weapons.

Concord Police Officers were called out to the Eagle Guns and Range after a Mercedes SUV intentionally drove into the front of the store to break-in, according to authorities.

On Friday around 2:57 a.m. officers were called out to 3789 Roberta Church Road. The Mercedes had been reported stolen out of Charlotte on Sunday, October 16. 

Michael Threadgill, owner of Eagle Guns and Range, says the bad guys got away with several semi-automatic pistols after smashing a gun case and taking off, leaving the stolen Mercedes in the parking lot.

“I got here as quick as I could and the police were here, but they’d done got in and done the damage and gone,” Threadgill said. “People have gone crazy; it’s the world we’re living in.

Crews began clearing the mess Friday, the old building material raining down on the floor as they worked.

This isn’t the first time thieves have tried to bus through the entrance to gain access.

“They tried to get in a little over two weeks ago, tried to ram into the building the same way. They left a stolen vehicle here, but they didn’t get it through the building.

Police are looking at surveillance video to see if that will help in the case. There have been three break-ins at three separate gun shops in Concord in less than a month. In two instances, would-be crooks used car to ram their way into the buildings.

Authorities have not identified suspects in any of the cases.

Threadgill is now rebuilding and promises to protect his business.

“We’re fixing it where they won’t be able to get back in. We’ll put a stop to it.”

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact the Concord Police Department at (704) 920-5000 or Cabarrus County Crime Stoppers at (704) 93-CRIME.