Third suspect arrested in brutal murder of Rowan County man

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Three people have been arrested in connection to the gruesome murder of a 19-year-old from Rowan County.

Carlos Rosas Jr., 19,Madison Harrington, 18, and Lauren Grimes, 19, are all facing charges in the death of Michael Earley. Sheriff Kevin Auten says the disturbing death was the result of a drug transaction. 

“You can just put yourself in a bad situation real quick. It's unfortunate and it got way out of hand,” Sheriff Auten said.

Parts of Earley’s body were found dismembered and destroyed. Rosas Jr. was charged with murder and felony concealment of death. Harrington and Grimes were charged with accessory after the fact.

LINK: Warrant: Suspect 'dismembered, destroyed' Michael Earley's body

“During the transaction there was a disagreement a struggle took place and during the struggle Michael Earley was killed. After he was killed the suspect transported the body of Earley to a secluded location and at this location Carlos Rosas partially dismembered his body and buried the remains,” said Auten.

Auten wouldn't disclose that location. He said Rosas was not familiar to deputies and believes this was the first time Earley and Rosas met face to face. 

The sheriff said this is obviously a tough time for the family. 

“They are obviously distraught nobody wants to bury a child much less a 19-year-old. They have other children, other teenagers,” Auten said. 

Rosas Jr., Harrington and Grimes are expected to make their first court appearance at 9 a.m. Friday.