This CLT panhandler GAVE money instead of taking it New Year's Day

He has done his good deed for all of 2020 and we're not even a full day in.

A man who is known for his Youtube videos paid a panhandler $100 for his sign and then spent the portion of the morning staking his claim at a local busy Charlotte intersection. Instead of asking for money, he handed out $5 to each generous person who offered.

Walter Williamson kicked off the year by passing along the positive vibes to others at the intersection of Brookshire and Interstate-85.

"I don't know how this worked out but the New Year's just caught me," Williamson told FOX 46 on Wednesday.

He held up a sign that read, "I hope you win all 2020."

Williamson said there were many people who stopped and wondered what was going on. "Take that, that's yours," he told drivers to their delight for many who stopped.

"A lot of people see panhandlers when they stop here at this red light and I just wanted to change the scenery for them a little," he said. 

Williamson said his mom had a homeless shelter for years in Gaston County and that partly inspired him to do the good deed.