"This is my life": Cow killed after barn collapses during storm

Firefighters worked quickly to rescue cows after a barn collapsed in south Charlotte Wednesday night. 

"We've lost animals, OK. This is my life. This is my life," a distressed woman told FOX 46 Charlotte. 

The woman said her barn collapsed due to severe weather in southwest Charlotte on Wednesday evening. Two cows were inside the barn. One cow is now dead. 

"The first arriving companies were able to make their way into the collapsed zone, using chainsaws and power equipment," a member with Charlotte Fire explained. 

Charlotte Fire said there were other animals on the property but only the two cows were inside the barn at the time of the collapse, with one cow dead, the other is being treated for injuries. 

Nearby the scene a tree fell in front of a house. It's another sign of weather damage in the area. 

"If you look out you can see that the barn is pretty much collapsed, so it looks like it was a high-wind event."