Thousands Crowd Concord Mills Mall for Thanksgiving Day Sales

No longer is Black Friday the day for businesses to tout lowest prices of the year.  Employees and customers both expect stores to be open with large sales on Thanksgiving.  Many families came out to Concord Mills Mall to shop together, and that’s one thing staff here stress is that it’s no longer just about the savings.

“It's a great family opportunity to come out and just have fun after you eat, walk off the calories,” said Nan Gray, Marketing Director for Concord Mills Mall.

Staff at the mall say this weekend brings in more customers than any other throughout the year, calling it the “super bowl of customer service.”

“Now that North Carolina doesn't have a tax-free weekend I think it's absolutely would be busiest weekend of the year that we work so hard for all year round,” said Gray.

The mall may have opened at 6:00 tonight, but many gathered outside, hours before like one Charlotte couple shopping for their four month old girl and second baby on the way.

“Old Navy, I heard has some pretty good sales,” said Sebron Elliott. 

But why deal with the hustle and buste of crowds when you can just shop online, especially with Cyber Monday right around the corner?

“People still want to touch the fabrics and they love to try out and demonstrate the items.  The kids love to pick out their toys and there's so much tradition doing their holiday shopping in person,” said Gray.

That tradition leads thousands of bargain hunters right here, many with loved ones by their side.

“It's not where you are.  It's that you're together,” said Leslie Harris.  “Whether it’s shopping eating traveling anything.”  “With family, it just makes it a little bit better,” added her teen daughter Avery Smith.

And if you still want to score some deals here at the Concord Mills Mall with – or for – your loved ones, the mall will be staying open until 9:30 Friday night.