Thousands expected to travel out of Charlotte for Thanksgiving

Wednesday was one of the busiest travel days across the nation, and lines have been lengthy throughout the day at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Close to 32,000 passengers are expected to leave from this airport.That compares to the usual 23,000 people on an average daily basis.
“We're going to Oklahoma,” one passenger told FOX 46. 

“We're going to Chicago,” said another. 

Whether they were traveling near or a little bit further, people weren't letting lengthy lines at the Charlotte Douglas keep them from feeling festive.

“We are going to Zurich, Switzerland!” 

“We’re going to Madrid, Spain.” 

Even those stuck in security lines with less time to spare were staying hopeful and in the holiday spirit.. 
“We’re keeping our fingers crossed this line keeps moving quickly so we can get there on time.” 

These passengers were prepared for a fun few days surrounded by family and friends, each with something different to looking forward to.

“Games with family-- board games,” one person said. 

“Just being at home for the holidays,” another told FOX 46.

And it’s that moment when these people step inside the doors of their destinations, that this traveling will all be worth it.