Threats of violence continue at Lincolnton High School

Lincoln County Schools are encouraging students to go to class Thursday at Lincolnton High School, despite continuous threats of violence at the school posted on Snapchat.

“It’s really scary because you don’t know who it is. It could be someone who’s sitting next to you, and you might be passing this person in the hallway,” Lincolnton High School student Lori Scronce said.

Scronce texted her father Wednesday morning asking him to come pick her up from school once she saw more threats posted on Snapchat even after an arrest had been made.

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One of the threats said “You clowns arrested the wrong person, but I got y’all tomorrow”       

“You have a whole school full of potential suspects still walking around freely and nobody knows what’s going on,” Lori’s dad Brandon McIntyre said.

McIntyre contacted Fox 46 Charlotte upset over the fact he says he was just able to walk into the school that was supposed to be on lockdown.

“I walked right past one of the police officers and she didn’t say anything to me, and I walked straight into the building while kids were walking out, with no problem, and it baffled me,” McIntyre said.

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A Lincoln County Schools spokesperson couldn’t speak specifically about McIntyre’s situation, but says the doors should have been locked during the school day.

Lincoln County Schools released the following statement Wednesday evening:

Because of the continuing Snapchat threats that were being received by students at Lincolnton High School this morning, the school increased security measures and additional police were on campus.  The Lincolnton Police Department continues to investigate all of the messages being received.

Tomorrow and Friday, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department will join the Lincolnton Police Department on campus for even more security.  Additional steps will be taken Thursday and Friday to help students feel safe on our campus.  We appreciate both law enforcement agencies working with the school system.

Absences during the last two days will not count toward the “failure due to attendance” policy.  We understand parental and student concerns and will not allow these absences to harm students.  With all the added security, students are encouraged to be in attendance Thursday and Friday.  Teachers are finishing the first semester curriculum and reviewing for final exams that begin next Tuesday.