Threats of violence creating fear at area schools

Schools across six different counties in our area are all investigating threats of violence.

One mother reached out to FOX 46 after her daughter called her crying about rumors of a shooting.

"I am really scared to be honest with you. I can't imagine losing any of my kids," said Gladys Salmeron.

Her daughter said she heard her friends talking about a threat to their school Hudson Middle.

"I hear one of my friends ask, 'are any of you going to leave at 10?' I heard them say why. They said, somebody is threatening to shoot the school," said Kayla Salmeron.

Gladys says she dropped everything to pick up her daughter Kayla.

"As soon as I arrived to the school, I saw police officers came by. I then thought, something is happening. Why are the police here?"

Caldwell County Schools says they investigated the possible threat and it turned out to be a rumor.
Nothing happened at 10 a.m. Friday. But Gladys says she'd rather her daughter miss a day of school than possibly lose her life.

A terrible reality facing students as they go to class to learn and parents who just want them to be safe.

"Just thinking, are my kids going to be ok today? Is something going to happen today? It's really scary."

Here’s a breakdown of the schools investigating a possible threat:

02/22 Statesville High School- The initial threat started in Guam and spread to the continental US. Threat to "SHS."

02/22 Salisbury High School- The initial threat started in Guam and spread to the continental US. Threat to "SHS."

02/23 Mooresville High School- “We have been made aware of a post referencing guns circulating on social media. While we have not seen the original post, we are working closely with the Mooresville police department to investigate this post. There is also an increased police presence on the Mooresville high school campus today.”

02/23 Cox Mill High School- an unsubstantiated rumor, which was investigated and deemed not credible (No exact details on the threat)

02/23 Burke County Schools-post originated in Florida.

02/22 Rock Hill High School-threat on Snapchat from Ohio.