Tickets to NBA All-Star game come with second highest price tag in last decade

Ticket watchers say now is the time to buy as NBA All-Star tickets have dropped by $300 to buy, but know that any seat will come with a big price tag.

According to TicketIQ, the 2019 NBA All-Star game tickets are the second most expensive in the last decade.

“That’s ahead of the Staples Center last year and just behind Madison Square Garden in 2015,” said Jesse Lawrence, the founder of TicketIQ.

“We the Queen City! We getting money! They know we have money here!” said James Boone. “They know everybody here got money and coming here and they gonna spend money.”

Visitors to the QC told FOX 46 Charlotte they wouldn’t buy in.

“For one night, for entertainment, for one person? Too expensive,” said Rebecca Strattom.

“It’s sad to me because I think it can’t be a family event,” said Abbi Ott.

TicketIQ data shows the cheapest ticket to the 2017 game in New Orleans checked out at $185. That’s the year it was supposed to be held in Charlotte, but controversy over House Bill 2, also known as ‘the bathroom bill,’ forced a last minute switch.

“That’s the cheapest we’ve seen,” said Lawrence. “Anticipation and North Carolina is a big basketball state.”

Lawrence tells FOX 46 Charlotte there are two kinds of buyers: those who plan months in advance and those who are a little more spontaneous.

“Majority of people wait 72 hours to buy.”

On Friday night, the cheapest ticket registered at $833 dollars. The most expensive was almost $5,000. As a point of comparison, that’s more expensive than the lowest seat at this year’s Super Bowl, which was around $3,000.

While the game is expensive, most NBA All Star events are a little more reasonably priced.