Tired? Well today is National Napping Day

Today is National Napping Day, a day that follows the annual spring Daylight Saving Time. (Getty)

It’s National Napping Day.

The unofficial holiday is celebrated on the Monday following the return to daylight saving time.

It was started in 1999 to highlight the benefits of taking a quick nap, holidayscalendar.com reported.

Here are some nap facts shared by holidaycalendars.com:

  • Naps around 20 or 30 minutes are best for improved short-term alertness.
  • Napping three times a week results in a 37% decrease in heart related deaths
  • Naps can improve performance by 34%
  • In Ancient Rome, it was common to take a nap after lunch
  • 60 million Americans are sleep-deprived at any one time
  • Humans are the only mammals to plan or delay naps
  • Just thinking about a nap can lower blood pressure
  • Most mammals nap

According to a recent study out of Greece, taking a nap may lower your blood pressure.