'Today I hurt.' Concord community shaken by teen homicides

"Today I hurt, I hurt," Jack Logan said. 

Two fatal shootings occurred less than four hours apart in Concord this weekend. Both involved teenagers. 

According to Concord Police, 16-year-old Omarionne Tymyrre Hudson is accused of pulling the trigger and fatally shooting 31-year-old Derron Marquise Jordan on Saturday, Dec. 28. A separate shooting the same day claimed the life of 13-year-old Aveanna Propst outside of Dave and Busters at the Concord Mills Mall. 

Jack Logan, a long-time community activist from South Carolina, said 'enough is enough.' 

13-year-old Aveanna Propst was shot and killed Saturday, Dec. 28 in the parking lot of Dave and Busters at the Concord Mills Mall. 31-year-old Derron Jordan was reportedly shot and killed by a 16-year-old suspect the same night, police said. 


"It's sad in knowing that these kids are getting their hands on guns," Logan said. 

Police have not said whether the two deadly shootings are connected but have said the two victims are related. On Monday, Logan took to the streets where Jordan was gunned down. He said teenagers don't realize the damage they do to themselves and others when they fire a weapon. 

"They don't understand the value of life," Logan said. "A mother will now visit her son in prison and the mother and father of the 13-year-old and that young man will now see their children in a grave." 


Logan said the change has to start at home. 

"We have a responsibility...or education...and parenting and individuals in the community...reaching out to the younger ones," he said. 

For now, Logan said he hopes his message is clear and the community steps up to help stop the violence. 

Both suspects in both separate homicides remain on the run. Anyone with information is asked to call the Concord Police Department at 704-920-5000, the Cabarrus County Crime Stoppers at 704- 93-CRIME or 911.