Toddler's adorable 'french fry dance' after dipping fry in ketchup for the first time goes viral

A little girl tried ketchup on her fries for the first time and paired the life-changing discovery with a celebratory dance.

Emery, 1, was skeptical at first, but with a little persuasion from dad who wanted to "put her on" she dipped her fry into the questionable 'red stuff.' In true foodie form, the toddler first savored the flavors on her refined palate and when she was satisfied with the tang of the sauce, she did a happy dance. 

Because who doesn't do a happy dance to good food?!

"We want her to be an adventurous eater," her parents told FOX 5. 

Well she is off to a good start, commencing with the classic pairings! 

The video, which has over 500,000 views, was posted on the family's Instagram account and features daily content of Emery and her parents.