Tow truck driver trying to avoid traffic fired after plowing down tree

A tow truck driver is out of a job after making a wrong turn. Video shows him barrel over a curb in a Charlotte parking lot and plow right over a tree, all because he was trying to avoid traffic. 

The ‘crunch’ led to a big problem for the driver. It wouldn't be a big deal if it had been addressed right when it happened, but we’re told it wasn't and that led to the video of it getting out.

It was something Buffy Follak didn't notice until someone came in and told her.

“I came back in and looked it up on the nest and 'that is our tree,’” Follak said. 

Follak works for the Nichols Company, which does commercial real estate has business on, and actually owns the property where it happened.

“He says he didn't notice the tree and maybe he didn't see it,” she said.  

After the tree was run over, it appeared to get stuck under the truck. The 25-minute ordeal was caught on several cameras in the parking lot.  

“I could hear him hammering for 15, 20 minutes,” said Follak. 

The driver eventually left, but Follak tells us, over the last few days, there's been an effort to figure out what happened. 

“There was no stopping, there was no break lights, nothing.” 

The Lebleus Towing driver was finally tracked down. FOX 46 reached out to the towing company who told us they were apologetic for what happened and said the driver that was involved had been let go.

They did say, themselves, that they had been trying to get in touch with the Nichols Company for day, but Follak says they didn't speak with them until this morning to clear everything up.

She says the video might seem humorous, but in the world of commercial real estate, this would be enough to make anyone unhappy.

“I don't think if he had maneuvered, he probably wouldn't have made it either way,” Follak said. 

The situation between the property owner and the towing company has been resolved, but only after the video became public.

The Nichols Company wants the tree replaced and they say that will happen.