Track flooding in your neighborhood in real time

Did you know you can track flooding in real time in your neighborhood?

The state developed the flood inundation mapping program for North Carolina in response to the flooding caused by Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

The Flood Inundation Mapping and Alert Network (FIMAN) provides storm-specific rainfall and stream and flood information, and it does that using gages located throughout the state.

You can type in your neighborhood or zoom in and select a specific gage. The gage sites are for rivers and rainfall.

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A pop-up will show current conditions for that stream, and it'll tell you how fast the water is flowing in cubic feet per second and the stream's elevation. The program also allows you to get email and text message alerts when that gage goes up and down and when there's flooding near you.

If you familiarize yourself with this website and sign up for the alerts before Hurricane Florence moves inland, you'll be more informed and more prepared in the event your neighborhood experiences flooding.

For more information about Hurricane Florence, visit the FOX 46 Resource Center.