Tractor trailer slams into hydroplaning car with mom, child inside

Terrifying moments were captured on camera as a car spins wildly out of control on I-85 South before being hit by a tractor trailer. A mom and her son were inside, but Highway Patrol tells FOX 46 they are both okay, and that the child didn't have a scratch on him. 

The accident happend as the woman was trying to merge onto the highway at exit 43 for Ikea Boulevard. She hits a slick spot and slides across three lanes, straight into the path of the oncoming truck. 

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They collided and the tractor trailer then slid across several lanes until it hit the barrier, highway patrol says. The video shows flames momentarily shoot up from the tractor trailer after it comes to a stop.

The child was not injured, and the mom was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

At this time the three southbound lanes remain closed because of gas and oil on the road that can't be cleaned it up until the rain stops, according to Highway Patrol. There is not set time on when those lanes will reopen.