Traffic light could be removed from busy Rock Hill intersection

Traffic woes have long plagued a busy intersection in Rock Hill, and city leaders are now proposing a possible solution, but some neighbors worry it may just cause more of a headache. 

Larry Jones is new to the heavy traffic that can crop up in Rock Hill. He and his wife moved there from a small town to be closer to family. What he wasn't anticipating is the amount of cars that use nearby Celanese Road near I-77. 

“Horrible, horrible to deal with it, especially in the morning and afternoons,” Jones said. 

With the road being so close to the interstate, he knows the congestion is unavoidable. However, to try to keep traffic moving, the last thing he wants to happen is the traffic light on Riverchase Boulevard to be removed. 

“It's the main one for us to go out and in. It's the main intersection for anyone in this development,” said Jones. 

That idea may be a real option, according to the Herald. The Rock Hill/Fort Mill area transportation director reportedly says if traffic doesn't lighten up on Celanese Road once the grant project connecting roads is complete, then losing the traffic light may be a possibility. 

“95 percent of us use the intersection at some point during the day,” he said. 

The removal of the light could wreak havoc for Jones and who travel through the area daily. An Outback, a hotel and a medical center along with many other restaurants sit along Riverchase Boulevard.

For those employees who already don't have a left turn signal to access Celanese, taking out the light would re-route them into more residential areas. 

“That would be a worst case scenario. You would never get out then. You might as well close the road," said Jones. “You'd have to…go through Bristol Park, which is a housing development, which isn’t a good way to channel a bunch of traffic.”