Trailer of Squalor: Mold, sewage, leaks spark action in Gaston Co.

Mold, sewage and leaks are just several complaints from a Gaston County family to their trailer park landlord at McCall Properties, Inc. The problem -- they believe they are being evicted because of some of these complaints.

"I was so excited because this year was supposed to be a good Christmas because I have my kids back," Elizabeth Birch said.

Birch and her boyfriend, Shawn Dieter, told FOX 46 Charlotte they received an informal eviction notice from their landlord in mid-December. Dieter had been doing contract work for the landlord and was up to payment on each month of rent -- but said his landlord is evicting him for complaining.

"It ain't been fun, it ain't been fun," Dieter said.

FOX 46 Charlotte spoke with McCall Properties Inc. but the Vice President would not go on record. He did, however, show up near Dieter's rented trailer less than 24 hours after FOX 46 Charlotte went to the scene -- and started making improvements, specifically, to sewage running through the property.

North Carolina General Statute 42-42 reads, [Landlords must], "Make all repairs and do whatever is necessary to put and keep the premises in a fit and habitable condition."

Several North Carolina attorneys tell FOX 46 Charlotte the family could fight to not be evicted from the property for these reasons, but the family said it's realizing the trailer is too far gone.

"We need a safe and healthy place to live, we don't need luxurious things," Birch said.

If you know any affordable living situations for this couple and two children, send an email to