Tree down in west Charlotte neighborhood for more than a week blocking homes

People living in one neighborhood have to either climb around a massive tree or find another way to get to their home. The fallen tree has been laying across Mayflower Road. for a week now.

“I'd like to see them get out here and move the tree because we pay our taxes like everybody else,” said neighbor Clayton Smith. “We should be able to live kind of convenient,” he said.

Another neighbor said they’ve made requests to get it cleaned up.

“I've tried to talk to the city to get something done,” said Shaylita Leach, “and it kind of seems they don't want anything to do with it.”

People are turning their cars and trucks around in other people’s driveways. Others out for walks have to duck and weave through the limbs and leaves to get to the other side.

Neighbors are fed up, and what they’re hearing from the City has them a bit stumped.

“They have to wait to see who the tree belongs to,” Smith said, “so what I want to know is what that have to do with them getting it out the street?”

FOX 46 reached out to officials with the City to see if they can remove it tomorrow.