Truck driver says thieves stole batteries from cab

A truck driver is stuck and trying to figure out what to do after criminals stole the batteries out of her cab Friday morning. 

Dequilla Baker’s tractor-trailer broke down this morning near the intersection of I-485 and South Tryon.

Now, she’s just hoping someone saw something at the busy intersection so she can get back on the road. 

Baker’s truck is her baby and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream that she let become reality five years ago.

“I love what I do.  When I tell you I love what I do,” Baker said. “As a kid, I looked and said 'that's what I want to do when I grow up,” Baker said. 

She started a GoFundMe to try to get her back up and running.

Baker was headed home early Friday morning when her truck broke down. She had no choice but to leave it there, safety markers and all. 

“I thought it was a good area.  I grew up, I walk my dog in this area, family lives in this area, I thought my truck was safe,” said Baker. 

But Baker showed us the pictures of what happened to her truck while she was trying to figure out how to get it back up and running. 

In her truck, the batteries to are not in the engine compartment. Instead, they're behind the cab and she says someone got in there and stole all of them.

“I cried. I cried. It hurt me,” Baker said. “I felt violated. I really did.” 

Baker got a ride home, but tells FOX 46 that somewhere between 1:30 and 2:45 a.m. is when someone took the batteries and even seemed to snip off some of the wiring.

“Why would you do it? My truck is already down.” 

Right now, she's looking for answers and the culprit.

FOX 46 did some checking and found thefts like these aren't unusual, but each one of those batteries can cost hundreds of dollars, money that Baker doesn't have.

She says she doesn't drive for the money, she does it for the experience and right now, she wants to know who has taken that experience away.

“I’m gonna find you and I’m going to ask you why. I've got seven brothers. I’m not scared of no one. I'll bring my dog.” 

Baker tells us she has filed a report with CMPD, but she also says she may do some looking around herself to see if any nearby shops have any surveillance footage.