Truck stolen from North Carolina man contained father's ashes, police say

Photos: Cary Police Department

The Cary Police Department is searching for those responsible after a man's truck was stolen this weekend with his father's ashes inside. 

John Daniel McCollum's 2006 red Ford LGT truck was reported stolen from his residence along Arbor Way in Cary, North Carolina on Sunday, Oct. 20. Officers tell FOX 46 that a small vile of his father's ashes was inside his truck during the time of the reported theft. 

McCollum told local media in Cary that his late father's ashes were tucked away inside his dad's flight bag that he kept inside the truck. When his father was alive, the Civil Air Patrol major reportedly took his flight bag everywhere. 

The stolen truck has a North Carolina license plate, EMP - 9466. 

Anyone who may have spotted this truck or has any information on this theft case is asked to call Lieutenant Matthew Panko with the Criminal Investigations Division at the Cary Police Department at 919-380-4215 or Communications at 919-469-4012.