Trump Rally Protestor Speaks Out

Friday night several so-called protestors were kicked out of the Donald Trump rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Shortly after Trump took center stage, the presidential candidate encouraged the audience to call out any protestors so security guards could find them.

“That chant “Trump!  Trump!” is hypnotic,” said Jibril Hough, who found himself removed from the coliseum after standing up and shouting “Islam is not the problem.”  

Hough was removed in handcuffs, though never arrested or charged.  Others had a similar experience, including Rose Hamid who stood up but didn’t say a word.  

“They get excited like they're at a Super Bowl game but once it gets down to the real agenda.  I don't think (Trump) has one,” said Hough.

Hough has no regrets about going to the rally, which he says was not to cause trouble, but to send a message.

“It was to expose the racism, the bigotry, the hatred that is in the room,” said Hough.  “People need to see that.  This is nothing to take lightly.  Donald Trump is tapping into that and taking advantage of that and running with it.  The politics of fear is at a whole new level.”

He says it’s a level of Islamophobia that is dangerously reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

“Profiling a whole group of people reporting in a whole group of people taking a whole group of people out, internment camps all of these extreme measures will not make us anymore safe.”

The Council of America-Islamic Relations is demanding an apology from trump regarding Friday night’s actions towards Hough and Hamid.  And while he doesn’t think that’ll happen, Hough says it would certainly go a long way.

“I think we both deserve an apology if Trump wants to make America great again, but currently I don't believe that's the tone and the energy I feel by being at a trump rally.  I think he wants to make America hate again.  We need to get beyond the hate.”

This wasn’t the first time Hough was thrown out of a Trump rally.  It also happened in Atkins.  Still, the Charlotte Muslim says he’ll continue to attend such rallies so long as they continue to happen in the area.