TSA agents remain unpaid during busiest travel week

The one place that's non-stop even on a holiday is Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Thousands of passengers and their bags flew in and out on Christmas day. Some holiday characters were even spotted in baggage claim.

"For Christmas I don't really change out of my pajamas. This is the Grinch. He is a part of Christmas. He is one of my favorite Christmas characters," said Jade Jones from Charlotte.

Depending on who you ask, there may have a real life Grinch. TSA agents aren't getting a paycheck during one of the busiest travel weeks all because of the government shutdown.

52,000 TSA agents aren't getting paid, including those based in Charlotte.

"They are still getting paid don't forget that. Just not right away," said Niels Hansen, who was traveling from Boston.

Perhaps that's why they weren't giving passengers any problems Christmas day.

"Nope! They are pretty friendly," said one passenger describing her experience with the TSA.

With the skies remaining friendly, lines were short at TSA. It allowed some last minute, long awaited reunions to take place just in time for Christmas.

"She's been gone for months. I haven't seen her in months. She has been across the country I don't know if you can tell, but I am almost in tears seeing her for the first time," said Jade Jones, who was meeting her best friend at the airport.

Those tears could quickly return later this week as travelers say good bye and head back home.