Two charged in multiple vehicle thefts across Charlotte

Malik Carter (left) Shakor Daniels (right) 

Two people have been arrested in connection to multiple vehicle thefts across Charlotte, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. 

Malik Carter, 20, and Shakor Daniels, 19, are both in custody for their role in breaking into numerous vehicles, stealing them and their contents inside, police said. 

On Dec. 25, 2017, at 1:50 a.m. officers responded to the 13100 block of Reunion Street in the Steele Creek neighborhood for reports of someone's vehicle being stolen. 

The victim told police his 2004 GMC Envoy had been taken and there was a firearm and sports memorabilia inside his vehicle. Later that night, officers responded to Beatties Ford Road near Oaklawn Avenue in reference to a license plate reader hit for the stolen GMC Envoy. 

Officers located the GMC Envoy parked in the road on Maribel Avenue. The stolen firearm was not found at the time of the vehicle recovery. 

On Jan. 5, 2018, officers responded to the 500 block of N. Graham Street for reports of suspicious activity. The caller told police "several people were pulling on door handles to see if they were unlocked."

Officers arrived on scene and made contact with several people, including Malik Carter. During a search of the vehicle the was being used by Carter, officers located the stolen firearm from the Reunion Street incident. Carter was arrested on scene and charged with tampering with a motor vehicle. 

Detectives in the Steele Creek neighborhood said they continued to work alongside detectives from the North and other CMPD divisions in collecting evidence and reviewing similar cases. 

As a result of information and evidence gathered, detectives determined that Carter and Daniels were responsible for five larceny cases that began Feb. 19, 2018, in the Oakbrooke neighborhood and Carter was the main suspect in the larceny from Reunion Street. 

Earlier Wednesday morning, Daniels was arrested and transported to the Mecklenburg County Jail. Cater, who had been in custody since Feb. 23, 2018, for a probation violation, was served the warrants for nine counts of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle, five counts of misdemeanor larceny, larceny of a motor vehicle, felony larceny, possession of fireman by felon, larceny of a firearm, financial card theft, financial card fraud and felony conspiracy. 

Daniels was charged with nine counts of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle, five counts of misdemeanor larceny, felony conspiracy, and possession of stolen property. 

Both Carter and Daniels are being held at the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office.