Two dead, four hospitalized after shootings. Community leaders call to stop the violence.

Two families now face burying a loved one while four individuals fight for their lives in the hospital.

This is the outcome of two separate shootings Thursday night in Northeast Charlotte, according to police.

Now, community leaders say the violence needs to stop.

"Right here at Christmas time, somebody instead of planning to have a happy holiday is planning a homecoming session. We're behind the community. Whatever went on, we will not be judgmental. We want to tell all these folks who see us here today, put the guns down," said Charles Robinson.

Will Adams and Charles Robinson with team Trublue live in the same neighborhood where the shooting happened on Spring Garden Lane.

"You have to ask yourself are you ready to leave your family right now. When you pick that gun up, you're going to prison or you're going to the graveyard," said Robinson.

Team Trublue says the group is working with the community to help stop the violence by mentoring more than 300 youth.

"It's going to take a lot of people going out helping these kids. We want to use everybody. We want that reformed man who's come home from prison to talk to the kids and tell them, you don't want to be where I’ve been."

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