Two in custody after police chase ends in crash in east Charlotte neighborhood

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A police chase lead to a crash Thursday evening, rattling the nerves of neighbors living in an east Charlotte neighborhood. 

Neighbors told FOX 46 Charlotte the last thing they expected around 5:30 p.m. Thursday was a police chase winding through their quiet neighborhood. Some were just getting home as they saw police speed by. 

One car was left with a mangled front end after the chase. 

CMPD said around 5:30 p.m. officers thought they spotted the vehicle used in a reported carjacking. That's when the suspects sped off - with police on their tail. The chase ended at the intersection of Galway and Ruth Drive after the suspects crashed into a fire hydrant. 

"I just heard like a loud crash and boom...and even the house shook a little bit," Mia Burke, a neighbor said. 

Burke was outside just minutes before it all went down, doing yard work just a few feet away. Police said two people have been taken into custody. A reassuring sign for frightened neighbors. 

"To see them speeding up the street, just driving fast and then hit a fire hydrant. There could have been kids. I mean you could think about anything that could happen at the time," Chris Nunley said. 

FOX 46 Charlotte is still waiting to hear from CMPD, to see if the suspects were injured and what charges  they may now be facing.