U.S. postal worker caught on camera dumping mail

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Authorities said 150 letters were dumped by a U.S. postal worker outside a local recreation center in Long View. 

Why throw out someone's mail? Well, police tell FOX 46 it happened right around quitting time. 

"Deliver the mail or don't do it at all,” said neighbor Sharretta Scott. She lives on 2nd Avenue where the mail was dumped. 

The postal worker can be seen on surveillance video, released by the police department, putting more than 100 pieces of mail into a dumpster.

"I was shocked. It wasn't something you expect to see from a postal worker,” said Sgt. Scott Pitts.

And it's more than junk mail. 

"It looked like two plastic bins, they were dumped so quickly and he got back in his truck,” said Pitts.

Sgt. Pitts said his team recovered birthday cards along with bank and financial statements.

"None of us like to get bills but if it’s our mail there is no telling what it could be,” Larry Martin said, who also lives on 2nd Avenue. 

"It's horrible. There are a lot of important things in the mail. It's sad someone in that position would be doing that instead of doing their job,” Scott said.

The mail was thrown away on Thursday, right around 4 p.m. The nearest post office is less than two miles away from the 2nd Avenue recreation center.

“The day is over. They don't want to do anything else. They just chuck the mail and see how much more time it's going to take,” said Scott. 

Right now, the investigation has been taken over by the U.S. Postal Office Internal Affairs. Once the mail man is federally charged, Long View police assures neighbors the mail will get delivered to the rightful owners.  

"If you take the job, you should do it seriously and properly,” Scott said. 

After federal charges, Long View Police said they plan to pursue criminal charges on state level for illegal dumping.