Uber driver says he was violently attacked by passenger

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An Uber driver is talking about a harrowing experience he had with a rider this weekend, who he says threatened to kill him.

Pictures from Sunday night tell the story of an Uber ride that went wrong for one driver. John Bilecky snapped the images of the man he says he was driving being arrested.

Bilecky it started like any other ride along Raintree Lane in Charlotte Sunday night. He went to pick up a customer, but he says the customer simply started acting unusual.

“The guy kicked me in the head, and he screamed, 'you were supposed to like me, you were supposed to like me,” Bilecky said. 

He says the man kicked him in the head and shoulder, and when Bilecky told him to get out of the car, it escalated.

“He attacks me through the door, puts all his weight on me, and says to me 'I’m going to kill you.’”

It only ended after some help from some witnesses to the violence put a stop to it.

CMPD has identified the man as Ryan Locklear. He’s accused of hitting Bilecky and a woman who came to help.

“This is the first time i ever had anything like this close,” Bilecky

Bilecky says, despite what happened, he is continuing to drive for Uber, but he is making some changes for his personal safety.

“I had to be one of those people who learned the hard way that stuff happened,” he said. 

Bilecky is now urging others to find ways to protect themselves. Uber does allow non-lethal weapons like mace. He's also installing cameras in his car. He says what happened to him should never happen to anyone else.