Uber Option A Hit With Golf Tournament-goers

Helen Pinter has been taking in the Wells Fargo Championship for years, but this year she is getting to and from Quail Hollow a little differently.

"This is my first experience with Uber," Pinter explains. "And it was so simple. Just download it on your phone and they come and get you and bring you right here."

 Uber is operating from a 'Drop Off' lot located just a few yards from the main gates to the golf course. It's offers a convenient alternative to parking at Carowinds or SouthPark Mall and taking the free shuttle bus.

 With the promo code that Uber is offering, many riders got to the tournament for five to ten dollars. 

"We've gotten on buses and ridden buses before. This is just going to make it so much easier," says Pinter.

 As tournament Director of Communications Lee Patterson explains, Pinter's view is a common one.

 "It gives people a little bit more, maybe lack of planning, or saying 'I want to go out there today, the weather's good' but, yes, we've had some nice positive reaction," Patterson says.

Patterson urges everyone who plans on taking in the Wells Fargo Championship to go to their website -- which I updates hourly -- to help with making travel plans.